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My Provision
I have a nice spacious living room which is the main area of my home used to provide care for children.  I will also use the kitchen area for when we are carrying out cooking activities.  The bathroom and toilet are separate and both have hand washing facilities. There is a play area immediately outside which is quite spacious where children can enjoy outdoor play on a regular basis.
Local facilities/Community involvement
We are located very close to a few parks and play areas where children can meet and share fun playtimes with other children to enhance their social skills. There will be regular outings to places such as our local library, toddler groups, sing-a-long sessions, leisure centres, visits to the shops, fruit stalls, supermarket to buy and see the many different types of healthy foods and fruits available.
My Service
We are open from 8:00am until 6:00pm for 52 weeks per year, Mon - Thurs, apart from periods between Christmas and New Year. Bank Holidays are bookable  and availability is at my  discretion. 
I greatly support breast feeding and will support mothers who needs to continue feeding once they provide breast milk already bottled and ready for use. (these will be refrigerated and used accordingly). 
There will be Daily Diaries and Learning Journals for children up to 3 years old and scrap books for children over this age group.  This is where we can share information with you and you can see what your children are doing whilst spending time with me.  It is important that all children be familiar with fire evacuation procedures and I will ensure fire practices to evacuate safely will be taught to the children age appropriately.
Our Daily Routine
It is a requirement of the Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS) that an Individual routine for each child will be created to share with parents when your child starts in my setting. Through observation and discussions with parents I will be able to work toward the needs of individual children to assist them in getting the best learning opportunities to grow, work, lay and develop skills to enhance their creativity and intelligence which in turn will prepare them explore their surroundings and develop ideas which they can then put into practice.
An example of weekly activities are shown below:
Morning Session:
Toddler Group
Park and Ducks
Sing Along
Library Story/Rhyme Time
Soft Playroom
Afternoon Session:
Colouring/Mark Making
Adult led Play
Free Play
Child led Play
Older children will have Scrap books where they can be as creative as they like and keep a portfolio of the work they produce so they can share with their parents.  Some activities will be Adult initiated whilst others will be child initiated.  I also oversee that completion of homework is encouraged. I’ll encourage the older children to be aware and kind to the younger ones in the setting so they learn the importance of being caring and aware of acceptable behaviour in the presence of younger children.  This is to build on their awareness of other people’s needs and respect for themselves and others, develop good communication and good relationships. See our Monthly Newsletter.
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